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Formwork Load Calculator

Use the PERI wall formwork and anchor systems cost-effective and efficiently

The PERI Formwork Load Calculator supports the qualified user in calculating the correct fresh concrete pressure in connection with the related pouring rate for selected PERI wall formwork systems. With this tool, the user obtains a very quick overview of the loads and deformations which leads to cost-effective utilization of the formwork system being used.


The App

The Formwork Load Calculator provides a fast support by calculating the current fresh concrete pressure more specifically the maximum pouring rate based on DIN 18218:2010-01 standard.

The App can determine the maximum pouring rate for the PERI wall formwork systems TRIO, MAXIMO and DOMINO depending on the selected pouring height and deformation requirements according to DIN 18202:2013-04 standard.

The wall formwork elements MAXIMO 330, MAXIMO 270, TRIO 270, TRIO 330 and DOMINO 250 with their anchor systems DW15, DW20, MX 15 and MX18 are for the purpose of determining the maximum rate of rise directly selectable on site.

The results and the standard assembly of the various wall formwork systems are graphically represented on the screen.

The application provides also the PDF output format for documentation, for direct printing or for sending via e-mail. A construction description for customers has been included into this datasheet.

The Formwork Load Calculator for thecost-effective and efficient use of the PERI wall formwork and anchor systems.