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VT 20
The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs
SB Stützbock: Zuverlässiges Betonieren von einhäuptigen Wänden bis 8,75 m Höhe.
HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork I
SKYDECK Finply Panel Slab Formwork: The lightweight and proven aluminium panel slab formwork with short shuttering times.
Multiflex III
Alphadeck I
Large forming areas with one crane lift
SKYTABLE, the slab table for a maximum area of 150 m².
PD 5 Rendering
RCS Rail Climbing System: The universal modular system for a wide range of applications
With PERI SCS, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are transferred without formwork ties through the brackets into the climbing anchors of the previous concreting section.
The CB climbing system provides safe working conditions with wall formwork at all heights.
BR Shaft Platform Rendering
PERI tie systems: The DK and SK tie systems serve to ensure subsequent, reliable sealing of tie points.
RS Push-Pull Props: A complete programme, can be telescoped to reach a length of 14.00 m
GT 24 Schalungsträger: The versatile lattice girder with high load-bearing capacity
MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props: Used as a cost-saving lightweight individual prop and cost-effective shoring tower
Safe and fast assembly due to ledger with Gravity Lock.
PERI UP Flex Weather Protection Roof: Standard components are the basis for variable roof shapes.
The lightweight stair tower for flexible access solutions
For wide-span working platforms and temporary pedestrian footbridges
PERI UP Modular Scaffolding 5
The suspended scaffold can be manoeuvred with little effort due to smooth plastic rollers.
PERI UP Flex Shoring: The maximum level of flexibility.
The cost-effective shoring for slab tables and high loads
The tubular steel prop for daily use on construction sites
The galvanized tubular steel slab prop with up to 50 kN load-bearing capacity
Visualization plays an increasing role in all stages of the construction process. The communication, safety and efficiency of many processes benefit from detailed virtual models.
The CAD program for professional work preparation
App icon PERI Formwork Load Calculator
App icon PERI MULTIFLEX Girder-Slab Formwork Configurator App
BIM Software Image
General overhaul for your formwork