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    Danjiang Bridge over the Tamsui River in Taipei
    Danjiang Bridge Pylon
    Construction of the pylon

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    Above water and clouds: Danjiang Bridge reaches record-breaking proportions with PERI Systems

    The Danjiang Bridge over the Tamsui River on the outskirts of Taipei is taking giant strides towards record-breaking proportions. The structure, designed by Zaha Hadid, is expected to be the world’s longest asymmetric cable-stayed bridge upon completion in 2025, at an impressive 920.00 metres.
    An outpouring of joy: More than 200 children from Kiberia celebrated new prospects for the future at the opening ceremony.
    The new PERI school building in Kibera consists of several thousand TwistBlocks.
    The TwistBlocks are hollow concrete blocks that can be slotted together without mortar to form a wall. The building blocks are produced particularly easily and quickly using specially developed formwork, namely the TwistBlock moulds from PERI.

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    Opening of new school in Kenyan slum: The very first PERI school provides opportunities for the future

    In Kenia wurde die erste Schule im Rahmen des PERI Nachhaltigkeitsprogramms feierlich eröffnet

    The very first PERI school in Kenya opened its doors at the end of February 2024 for over 200 children. In Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, the first school in the PERI sustainability initiative “Building Sustainability” was built in less than a year. In collaboration with the non-profit start-up “Start Somewhere”, PERI developed what are known as TwistBlock Moulds for hollow concrete blocks, which were designed specifically for use in slums due to the simple and flexible manner in which they can be used. The new school building has created not only learning spaces, but also new local job opportunities.
    The ACS Core 400 System is versatile and can be used with VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork and MAXIMO Panel Formwork systems.
    The Sky Tower will be the tallest residential tower in Canada reaching 105 storys with a total height of 345 meters.
    The ACS Core 400 system was chosen for its ability to lift the formwork and working platforms of the elevator and stair core between floors without requiring the tower crane and with minimal labour.

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    The Tallest Residential Tower in Canada is beginning to rise with PERI Climbing Systems

    The Pinnacle One Yonge project is a multi-phase development, designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects. With its prominent location, across from Toronto’s harbour, the sleek, masterfully designed towers will reshape the city’s skyline. The first three phases of the One Yonge project include residential towers that are 65, 105 and 92 storeys tall respectively.
    PERI assisted with the construction of the 550-m-long and 27-m-wide drive-by platform by providing a customised formwork carriage solution.
    The 15,300 m² bridge area is supported by 70 V-shaped columns at a height of over 10 m.
    The 70 V-shaped columns were also constructed with the help of PERI formwork systems.

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    Customised formwork carriage cuts construction time by several months

    At the south end of Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 3, with its futuristic design, is currently one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects. Upon completion of construction in 2024, up to 19 million travellers will be able to arrive at and depart from the three new gates each year. PERI assisted Max Bögl with the construction of the drive-by platform, which will in future provide passengers with direct access to the departure level of Terminal 3.