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The future of the construction industry

What will the construction industry look like in 20 years time? What will our customers be concerned about in the future and how will we deal with that? At PERI, we ask ourselves these questions and a whole lot more.

"The construction industry is certainly a unique industry, more traditional than others. Looking at Apple, for example, all I have to do is make the camera resolution better and then everyone goes mad for it. In construction, you really have to provide a benefit that is also reflected in monetary terms, for example in construction times. Based on the feedback and response we receive, we can say that even radical innovations in the world of construction that bring about major improvements and benefits for customers are gratefully accepted. If a new development results in little or no added value, then this cannot be considered innovation in my view."

Frank Ilg, Head of Future Products & Technologies at PERI SE

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Building rethought - The Potential of 3D Construction Printing

We revolutionize the way we build today by combining 3D construction printing technology with deep construction know-how

We firmly believe that 3D construction printing will revolutionise the construction industry due to its ability to expedite the industrialisation of the construction process. The objective of constructing a greater number of buildings in a shorter space of time at a lower cost is what fuels our desire to make this technology a commercial success.

By adding more intelligent designs and an optimised use of materials to the mix, 3D construction printing can also pave the way for a built environment with greater sustainability.

Why 3D printing solutions by PERI?

We have not only printed Germany's first home but also Europe's largest 3D-printed apartment building. As of right now, we successfully completed six projects on two continents and continue to grow rapidly.

A Quick, Safe and Flexible Approach to Printing Buildings

A 3D construction printer can be used to create concrete structures in a quick and cost-effective manner, and with a significant degree of design flexibility - without the need for formwork. This makes the procedure an ideal alternative to brick construction.


Time and Cost Savings

The BOD2 is operated by only 2 persons and is the fastest in the world (1m/s). The construction process is automated and optimized. This reduces the degree of coordination required.


Recruitment of Skilled Employees

The printer is an innovative machine that is both clean and safe, requiring very little physical labour. This will improve your appeal as an employer, making it easier for you to attract skilled employees.


Planning Reliability

The final planning stage takes place before the project starts and provides all parties with planning reliability from the outset. These benefits lead to time and cost savings.


Custom Configuration

Due to the fact that the BOD2 has a modular structure (each module is 2.5 m long), it can be configured in a customised manner. It can be used both on construction sites and in factories.


Proven Expertise and Quality

Our company built the first 3D-printed building in Europe. The BOD2 is the only second-generation 3D construction printer in the world. It is CE-certified and the cabling is IP67-certified.