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Shaping the Future: PERI Saudi Arabia's 2023 in Review

An Interview with our Managing Director

This year has been exceptional in many ways. From overcoming challenges with a resilient team to reaching unparalleled milestones, we are reflecting on our unparalleled journey in 2023. We asked our Managing Director Yasser Hammoudah on his perspective of the past year and on PERI's strategic approach to navigating future dynamics and seizing upcoming opportunities successfully.


How do you perceive the year 2023 for PERI Saudi Arabia?

"PERI Saudi Arabia has gone through several challenges in the past, which necessitated building a strong and resilient team to lead the company in the most difficult circumstances. This reflected positively on its performance in 2023, as we were able to achieve all our goals with significant superiority over our competitors. We have been present in most of the important and strategic projects taking place in the Kingdom, and we have succeeded in providing our services in a professional and distinguished manner, which has made PERI Saudi Arabia a standard to be emulated."


What challenges did the company face during the past year, and how were they successfully navigated?

"Indeed, the predominant challenges encountered in the year 2023 were closely tied to supply chains and lead times. The majority of projects shared a similar level of urgency and importance. It became crucial for customers to place their trust in a reliable supplier with a strong reputation to execute tasks with the utmost thoroughness. This is where PERI success as a global company comes into play. Holding the prestigious title of "The world's first" in the field of manufacturing and supplying formwork and boasting a presence with more than 70 branches worldwide, we effectively overcame these challenges. Our commitment allowed us to provide the necessary support to our clients, ensuring their needs were met as required."


Given the evolving market dynamics, how does the company plan to stay ahead in terms of competitiveness and innovation in the Saudi Arabian formwork and scaffolding landscape?

"PERI has consistently adhered to its founding principle of customer proximity, aiming to understand their needs and to ensure that our products align seamlessly with those needs. The research and development team at PERI operates with distinction. PERI has consistently positioned itself as a leader in the industry, particularly in engineering solutions for complex projects. Our products are designed not only to address the complexities of these projects but also to simplify them. In essence, the key lies in our commitment to staying close to our customer, coupled with our dedication to developing products that precisely meet their requirements."


As customer expectations evolve, how has PERI Saudi Arabia adapted its customer service approach to stay responsive and meet clients' expectations?

"As previously highlighted, our close engagement with customers has been instrumental in understanding and addressing their specific needs, ensuring the effectiveness of our products. The evolving landscape of the industry has paved the way for new possibilities in the realm of formwork, with a particular focus on digital innovations. Noteworthy among these are the PERI InSite Construction (cement sensor) and the 3D printer. Peri has showcased excellence in these areas, initially gaining prominence in the European market and subsequently establishing a strong presence in the Saudi market. This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to innovation and in meeting the evolving demands of our customers."


What 2024 holds for PERI Saudi Arabia

"Our commitment is to serve our customers in a manner befitting a leading company in the Formwork industry, exemplified by PERI. We strive to assist them in successfully concluding their projects within the agreed timelines, maintaining a high standard of quality, while optimizing costs. Our dedication to these principles underscores our mission to be a trusted partner in their projects and to contribute to the Saudi's vision 2030 and beyond."

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